About Us

Supporting online businesses to achieve growth and success.

OG Logistics (OGL) connects eCommerce merchants with their customers around the world, leveraging the power of our group to manage their global supply chains efficiently.

OG Logistics

We launched OG Logistics in 2016 to help eCommerce merchants sell into new domestic and international markets, with a fully integrated shipping, inventory management, order fulfilment and courier delivery solution, meaning you can track your goods continuously from your supplier all the way through to the end customer.

Today we work with eCommerce brands on every continent, connecting them with customers around the world through our bespoke eCommerce logistics platform and leveraging the power of our group to manage their global supply chains.


Powered by the London, Dublin and New Jersey headquartered boutique 3PL, Global Forwarding, OGL is a member of the Hecny Group, with 71 offices, in 23 countries.

Leveraging success

Investing millions in technology, Hecny has pioneered the development of global inventory visibility and supply chain management tools, which OGL has incorporated into the integrated solution, provided to its eCommerce customers.

Total inventory visibility and trackability, from source to sale, in a secure, controllable and scalable environment, means that OGL clients can easily extend their market reach, to realise their full brand potential.