Making sure you comply with Amazon’s strict requirements

Selling on Amazon is not without its challenges and in particular complying with strict goods receipt, packaging and labelling requirements.

Getting the most from Amazon

Our expert knowledge, gained over years working with Amazon, means we support fulfilment with Amazon (FBA), fulfilment by merchant (FBM) and seller fulfilled Prime (SFP).

For overseas merchants, our Amazon team guide them through the regulations for selling their goods into the UK and EU including:

  • Guiding and assisting on VAT registration
  • Advising on addition of VAT to sales transactions and invoicing
  • Regulations for holding and releasing stock into free circulation
  • Assisting with VAT return requirements

Customer Story

“We have far more happy customers on Amazon after reaching out to OGL”

OGL’s ability to process inbound stock from our suppliers and present it to Amazon, 100% compliant with their strict good-in criteria, is so slick that we now have goods available for sale on Amazon’s platform faster than ever. And that means more sales and more happy customers – including us:)

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