Diminishing the cost and risks of returns

70% of shoppers check returns policy before purchase and 92.0% buy again if the process is easy

The critical issue

Over 2/3rds of shoppers check your returns policy before making a purchase and 92.0% say that they’ll buy from a business again if the returns process is easy.

Whichever method you select, we simplify the process, without sacrificing efficiency. Carefully inspecting customer returns, repackaging and returning product to sale in hours.

The challenge of managing returns grows in line with the growth of your sales which is why 50% of online retailers flag them as an issue and over 70% of small merchants see returns to be a significant problem.

The Returns benefit

But efficient returns management is a critical process in successfully managing the customer experience, halting margin erosion, as well as freeing up stock and working capital.

We work closely with you to develop a reverse logistics solution that is scalable, diminishes the cost and risk typically associated with the process and ensures that product is available for resale quickly.

  • Quality checking
  • Relabelling
  • Repacking
  • Real-time stock updates
  • Returns matched to customer
  • Refunds and replacements

Customer Story

“Why don’t 3PL’s talk about returns?”

Looking for a fulfilment partner, we approached several 3PL’s and OGL was the only one that had dedicated warehouse areas and specially trained personnel to process returned orders. They quality check inbound returns, prepare for sale – repacking when necessary – and return to inventory in the shortest possible time, giving us the best opportunity to restore lost revenue.

Process adapts to suit your preferred returns method
Dedicated area and personnel process returns to agreed SLA
See inventory receipt and return to sale